Careers at Acacia Systems

Do you want to deliver world-class software and systems?

Are you at the top of your game?

Acacia Systems is on the cusp of an important growth period, having secured major contracts with the Australian Defence Force.

Joining Acacia Systems could be your chance to help us prove our mission management products and services for Naval ships and submarines are unrivalled anywhere in the world.

But not just that, you’ll be involved in a variety of software and systems projects that support the Australian Border Force (and Search and Rescue), as well as the Army and Air Force.

Is this you?

We’re looking for people – at all career levels, including graduates – with unsurpassed skills in:

  • software engineering C++
  • systems engineering
  • data fusion
  • tracking
  • sensor performance
  • data analysis
  • data science
  • environmental and mathematical modelling
  • quality assurance.

What you'll do and how you'll do it

Working as part of a highly collaborative team of exceptionally-skilled engineers, scientists and domain experts, you’ll translate theory and ideas into future operational systems.

You’ll do that, using modern compilers and leading-edge technologies. You’ll count on your colleagues to test your methods – with 100% code review. It’s a process ensuring we continually deliver beyond our client’s expectations, offering systems and solutions that work now and which we can take to the next level in the future.

We're hiring

Ever wondered why you think differently? Why you seek to understand ‘how does it work’ and ‘what if’ when others simply accept what is? Do you get excited at the prospect of solving complex problems? Does your curiosity to ‘get in and understand’, to test, to try this and that, to evaluate, to make things easier and decisions better, drive the person you are at work and at home?

Is this you?

If it is…you’ve found a team of people just like you…a team of people who believe no problem is too big. A team of people that despite sharing the same passion for finding answers, come from diverse backgrounds and contribute a variety of skills and experiences. We are a team of exceptional thinkers, solving complex problems and delivering unparalleled capability to the Australian defence and aviation sectors.

We are always on the look out for talented people. If the position for you is not listed below and you’re interested in working for us, we still want to hear from you!

Inquiries & Applications

Call us on 08 8345 1801, or email

I like working at Acacia primarily because I’m working with excellent people on very interesting subject matter.
Acacia affords me the opportunity to almost rewrite the rule book in almost any area we touch.
Andrew Bettison
Senior Software Engineer and Mentor
We’re not about stifling creativity – we’ll harness your passion and teach you principles so you can design the software and systems of the future.
That’s how we’ve proven ourselves as a small business that’s winning and delivering ‘big company’ jobs.”
David Bryant
Chief Software Engineer