About Acacia Systems

Supporting the Australian Defence Force since 1992, Acacia is a leading Australian defence software and systems engineering company engaged primarily in developing advanced mission management systems and tactical support applications.

The company maintains significant depth of skills in the areas of data fusion, tracking, sensor performance, data analysis and environmental mathematical modelling. Translating these into advanced deployed systems is achieved through the application of disciplined systems, software and hardware engineering practice.

Defence Technology

Acacia’s defence focus and research background provide deep insights, supporting our ability to deliver defence requirements through emerging technologies.

Unmanned Systems

Integrating Acacia’s world-leading detection and tracking data fusion algorithms into unmanned autonomous systems to the capabilities of warfare platforms.

Machine Learning

Evaluating and applying Machine Learning techniques to the combat system functions of detection, tracking, classification and localisation.

Advanced Data Processing

Applying efficient data models integrated into modern mission and combat systems to deliver critical data analytics and mission performance insights.

Advanced Sensor Tracker

Onyx is a world class, highly portable sensor tracking optimisation system that supports the fusion of sensor data across multiple sensors in the active and passive sonar domains (broadband and narrowband).

Cross Platform ASW System

Onyx Force integrates Onyx across multiple platforms, delivered within an architectural fusion node framework that allows cooperating Anti-Submarine Warfare assets to combine their respective raw pre-track sensor data to deliver increased detection range, reduced time to solution and increased overall defence capability of the ASW screen.

Mission Records & Data Management System

Reflex provides the ability to capture and visualise all mission system data elements including multiple sensor data streams, the compiled tactical picture and Command insights.

Mission Management System

Cortex is a lightweight platform for delivering heavyweight mission system capability across multiple operational domains.

Acacia System Advantage

28 Years of Experience

World leading research, design and implementation in the areas of data fusion and tactical tools for more than 28 years.

Military & Mission Critical Operations

Flexible, configurable and highly efficient products customised for mission critical operations in submarine, surface and air domains.

High Quality

Acacia Systems products have been designed and tested in demanding air, warship and submarine operational environments.

Engineers, Scientists & Domain Experts

Acacia Systems’ team consists of talented, creative and highly skilled engineers, scientists and domain experts working closely to translate theory and ideas into future operational systems.

The people at Acacia have deep skills in the areas of data fusion, tracking, sensor performance, data analysis, data science and environmental mathematical modelling.

Research & Development

Machine Learning

Partnership with University of Adelaide’s Institute of Machine Learning

Working to increase the operational capability of Australia’s defence capabilities through the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to the combat system functions of detection, tracking, classification and localisation.

Unmanned Systems

Partnership with Flinders University’s Centre for Maritime Engineering, Control and Imaging

UXV (unmanned aerial, surface and subsurface vehicles) for planning, surveillance, control, and monitoring will enhance the capabilities of warfare platforms.

Advanced Mission System Architectures

Dedicated activities to enhance Acacia’s Mission Management Systems (AMMS) performance with our Chief Software Engineer, Dave Bryant leading the project.