About Us

Supporting the Australian Defence Force since 1992, Acacia is a leading Australian defence software and systems engineering company engaged primarily in developing advanced mission management systems and tactical support applications.

The company maintains significant depth of skills in the areas of data fusion, tracking, sensor performance, data analysis and environmental mathematical modelling.

Translating these into advanced deployed systems is achieved through the application of disciplined systems, software and hardware engineering practice.

The team consists of talented, creative and highly skilled engineers, scientists and domain experts working closely to translate theory and ideas into future operational systems.

Acacia’s products have been designed and tested in demanding operational environments and reflect the state of the art development in military and dual role operations.

Leadership Team

The team consists of talented, creative and highly skilled engineers, scientists and domain experts working closely to translate theory and ideas into future operational systems.​

Ted Huber

Founder & Chairman

Ted founded Acacia in 1992 with a vision to create a nucleus of intelligent capability that could be applied to solving the toughest of defence problems.

Ted originally studied Biophysics, Physical Chemistry and Neuro Physiology at Flinders University and later Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Adelaide.

On a day to day basis Ted has focused on the areas of system design and has overseen detailed system development of the projects implemented by the company and the products developed.

Horden Wiltshire

Executive Director

Former submarine Commanding Officer
and software company CEO.

Joining the Royal Australian Navy as a junior engineering officer, Horden transferred to the executive branch to pursue a career in submarines, serving in Oberon class submarines before joining the commissioning crew of HMAS COLLINS. The highlight of his career in the RAN was command of HMAS SHEEAN.

His subsequent corporate career resulted in more than a decade as CEO of a number of technology companies in the mobile internet domain and enterprise Software as a Service sectors delivering leading edge technology to customers around the world. Horden brings his complementary commercial and domain expertise to help guide Acacia through its next stage of growth.

Ted Bullen

Chief Systems Engineer

A career systems engineer with experience across space, aviation and defence industries.

Ted has been key to building the company’s capability to deliver mission critical systems to meet demanding customer requirements. Ted Joined the Acacia team in 2007 and by 2010 was promoted into a leadership role in the company.

He has overseen the delivery of Acacia’s Mission Management System for AMSA and delivered Acacia’s Advanced Sensor Tracker Demon modules for submarines and AAST in the Air Warfare Destroyer Integrated Sonar Suite. Ted holds a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering.

Dave Bryant

Chief Software Engineer

Dave joined Acacia as a graduate in 1999 and took a three-year hiatus to learn about Big Data at Quantum in 2012 before returning to Acacia as Chief Software Engineer in 2015.

A talented architect with exceptional team building skills and a flair for producing elegant, future-oriented, working solutions.

As leader of the software team, Dave has been instrumental in expanding Acacia’s technology repertoire.