Sensor Tracker

The Acacia Onyx Advanced Sensor Tracker is a world class sensor tracking capability that supports the fusing and tracking of sensor data across the active and passive sonar domains (broadband and narrowband), ESM, optronic and even audio domain.

Onyx for active sonar provides for the automatic detection and tracking of submarine contacts in the high noise environment of an active sonar. The software allows for the detection and tracking of submarine contacts normally not seen by human operators. Onyx takes raw “noisy” detections and applies spatial and temporal filtering algorithms to achieve track creation with a very low false alarm rate.

Onyx is currently deployed in the Australian Air Warfare Destroyers and has been licensed for export to allied Navies.


Onyx Force

Cross Platform Fusion

Onyx Force delivers the capability of the Onyx within an architectural framework that allows co-operating Anti-Submarine Warfare assets to combine their respective sensors to deliver increased detection range, reduced time to solution and increases the overall defensive capability of the ASW screen.

Onyx Force can support multiple sensors on single platform and across multiple platforms.

Multi static environments is well suited to this capability.

supporting communications infrastructure

cross sensor fusion

increase detection range

reduced time to solution


Records & Data

The Reflex data management system provides the ability to capture and visualise all elements of the mission data.

All elements of the mission data:

  • Multiple sensor data collection
  • Post operational analysis capability
  • Command annotation/insights
  • Data archiving and security management.


An early version of Reflex was deployed aboard COLLINS class submarines for many years.


Cortex Mission
Management System

Cortex is a lightweight platform for delivering heavyweight mission system capability across multiple operational domains. Cortex is an open architecture platform that provides a number of key benefits.

Key benefits of the platform include:

  • Ability to provide greater mission capability at a compute power of 25% of comparable systems. This provides comparable advantages in terms of weight and volume requirements on a platform
  • High robustness – Low level distributed processing and data persistence which delivers higher availability which means that single point failure will not cause outages.
  • Higher Flexibility – The same core can be easily adapted to multiple mission profiles within domain and across multiple domains.
  • Designed to be adapted into a variety of domains which has included the subsurface and aircraft domain


  • The human machine interface has been designed for fast aircraft to reflect a rapidly changing mission workflow. This provides for a very smooth interaction for lower speed engagements.
  • The architecture is designed to operate as a single work space with multiple users or multiple instances of the user interface, which enables rapid and flexible expansion of the number of people that can use the platform.
  • Easy integration into multiple sensor suites as evidenced by integration into active sonar, passive sonar, radar, ESM and optronics

Integrated Optronics

intuitive user interface

lightweight platform for delivering heavy weight mission system capability


Support &

Professional services comprise both integration services for the Acacia products, in-life support for these products as well as customised development.


Acacia has a long track record of delivering bespoke consulting and programming services.

A selection of these projects are summarised below:

Development of an underwater acoustic vulnerability analysis and visualisation system

Design and production of an Imaging Laser Radar controller

FA18 Track-while-scan algorithm review, counter-counter measure design and performance analysis

Wavelet-based electronic counter measures detection methodology

Design of an integrated submarine optronic system

Surveillance and tactical data systems consulting

Command and operational consulting

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